Our Sustainable Culture

PFB is dedicated to sustainable practices in the products we manufacture and with the processes we use. “Sustainability” means to meet the needs of our current stakeholders without compromising the needs of future generations.

Sustainability principles provide the foundation upon which our corporate culture has evolved. PFB is committed to its key stakeholders; employees, customers and the people in communities where we live and work. This commitment extends to how PFB conducts its operations responsibly; mindful of the economic, environmental and social impacts of its operations.

“Better Building Ideas from PFB” are building materials that enable our customers and building owners to reduce consumption of scarce natural resources, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and reduce waste at building sites. Our culture is focused on operating our business in an environmentally responsible, efficient, safe and respectful manner.

Sustainability Initiative

For more than 10 years PFB has reported the material impacts our activity has on the environment. We tabulate and report our emissions, energy usage, resource usage and waste generated. Our focus continues to be on improving our performance through a process of continuous improvement and technology improvements.

We report our injury statistics annually and reaffirm our commitment to employee engagement and safety. Through a concerted effort to reduce injuries PFB continues to implement safety initiatives focused on employee engagement, training and hazard control.

Transparent reporting of our sustainability metrics is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative and we continue to focus our attention on reducing emissions to air, reducing energy consumption, reducing waste generation and reducing water consumption. Over the past 10 years PFB has reduced VOC emissions per unit output and reduced overall water consumption while at the same time growing the business.

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Data at your fingertips

Learn more about our environmental data, sustainable living tips, projects and more at our sustainability website www.pfbsustainability.com.